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Amaia Scapes Capas was built with the intention of making the lives of the families in Tarlac a whole lot better. Comfort, security, and blissful living are the essential elements of this residential development. The houses have key features that make them a prized possession in Northern Luzon.

All residential units are built with facilities such as a three or four square meter porch and a service area. They also have a provision for a carport and a garden, which can later be used as expansion areas to the unit if so desired. Additionally, every unit has at least one bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a toilet and bath.

The kitchen comes equipped with a counter cabinet, countertop, and stainless steel sink. Inside the bathrooms, a wall-hung sink is already in place, along with a water closet and a powder coated aluminum sliding window. Doors and doors locksets are installed as well. The flooring and walls come in the generic smooth concrete finish, so owners have the option to install tiles and other flooring or wall materials that they desire.

As for the amenities, the Amaia Scapes Capas has a beautiful outdoor area with a village pavilion that serves as the site’s community center. There is a playground for kids as well, where they can safely assume outdoor activities within the site’s well-fenced area. And to further boost recreation, Amaia Scapes Capas features a swimming pool with a small lounge area which residents and their families, including their guests, can use. Other amenities include a basketball court for sports-minded people.

Amaia Scapes Capas boasts of tree-lined patio greens that make the overall ambiance of the place very relaxing. Aside from the tree-lined spine road, the security of the residents is ensured with the site’s guarded entrance and exit gates. The whole site is encapsulated by a perimeter fence to further protect the bustling community inside.

There are elevated water tanks all over the place as well to make sure that residents enjoy a continuous supply of water at all times. Aside from that, Amaia Scapes Capas also features its own commercial area, which makes it even more convenient for residents. They can easily get some of the common products and services that they need without taking a ride to the city proper. Since Amaia Land Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc., it is not too surprising if there will be a small Ayala Mall like commercial area built within the premises.

  • Patio Greens
  • Village Patio
  • Guarded and Entrance/Exits
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Elevated Water Tanks
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
  • Commercial Area
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